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Swine Feed

Growing And Lactating Pigs

  • Feed as wet mash
  • Allow 2.25kg/sow/day
  • Allow 2.25-3.5kg/sow/day during pregnancy
  • After furrowing 2.5kg for sow and 0.5kg/piglet
  • Balanced protein with amino acid profile optimized for young pigs
  • Provide essential vitamins and minerals growing pigs need
  • Higher feed utilization
  • Higher growth rate
  • Provide easy transition from a milk diet to cereal based diet

Pig finisher Xtra

  • 60kg body weight 2.5 kg/ day
  • 90kg body weight 3kg/day
  • Cost effective balanced feed enabling pig to attain slaughter weight at 6-7months
  • Enhanced leaner meat with its higher energy and reduced protein content