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Processed Raw Materials Products

  1. Wheat Pollard: Wheat pollard is a byproduct of wheat milling. It is a valuable ingredient in animal feed, known for its high fiber content and moderate protein levels. It is often used to improve the texture and nutritional value of livestock feeds.

  2. Wheat Bran: Wheat bran is another byproduct of wheat milling. It is rich in dietary fiber and is commonly used in livestock feed, especially for ruminants. It provides bulk and essential nutrients to animal diets.

  3. Maize Germ: Maize germ is obtained from maize milling and is a valuable component in animal feed. It is a good source of energy, fats, and protein. Maize germ is often included in poultry and swine diets for its nutritional benefits.

  4. Sunflower Cake: Sunflower cake is a byproduct of sunflower oil extraction. It is a protein-rich feed ingredient used in animal diets, particularly for poultry and dairy cattle. Sunflower cake is valued for its protein content and digestibility.

  5. Cotton Cake: Cotton cake, also known as cottonseed cake or meal, is a product of cottonseed oil extraction. It is used in livestock feed due to its protein and energy content. Cotton cake is commonly fed to ruminants and non-ruminants.

  6. Soya Meal: Soybean meal is a processed product derived from soybeans after oil extraction. It is an essential source of high-quality protein in animal feed, particularly for poultry and swine. Soybean meal is prized for its amino acid profile.

  7. Canola: Canola meal is obtained from canola oil extraction. It is a protein-rich feed ingredient, suitable for inclusion in livestock and poultry diets. Canola meal is valued for its protein content and amino acid profile.

  8. Fishmeal: Fishmeal is made from the processing of fish, and it is a valuable source of high-quality protein for various animal feeds, including aquaculture and poultry. It is rich in essential amino acids and minerals.

  9. Bone Meal: Bone meal is produced from the rendering of animal bones. It is a source of calcium and phosphorus in animal feed. Bone meal is often used in poultry and livestock diets to support bone health and eggshell formation.