Broiler Feed

Broiler Feed

Recommended for broiler chicken(meat birds) are basically denser in protein thus encourage the flock to grow bigger with rapid weight gain.

Broiler Starter

  • Recommended for the first few weeks post-hatch for chicks
  • Higher growth rate
  • Higher feed utilization rate
  • Assist in Developing high immunity to face the possible stresses such as diseases, weather change, vaccinations, handling e.t.c
  • Highly balanced in nutrition and normally given from day 1 to the 3rd 4th week of life
  • Widely appreciated for it’s minimum feed conversion ratio and maximum weight gain.
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Broiler Finisher

  • Specially formulated and uniquely enriched with performance-enhancing additives and enzymes.
  • Optimizes the performance of broilers with high peak meat production
  • High feed utilization